Twist to connect the smart module to your sensor.

LED feedback lets you know when your device is ready.

Waterproofed to tackle everyday life.


View. your breathing in real-time on your mobile device.

Observe.  your respiratory pattern and your average breathing rates per minute, inhalation and exhalation times, depth and even the exertion scores of breathing (how hard have you been working to breathe!). 

Receive. daily, weekly and monthly summaries with recommendations on how to improve your health.

Stay Updated. on your filter performance to know when to replace or wash your mask to maintain optimal filter efficiency.

Create. a respiratory profile to share and compare to friends and family.

Play. Spyras has embedded breathing games and animations to help reduce your stress and increase wellness on your journeys when abnormal breathing is detected.


View your custom respiratory profile to see you daily scores!

Interactive drop downs.


 Data displays and reports to export and share.

The Beta.

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