Key Features


8 Hrs+ Battery Life


USB Charging

twist lock.png

Easy Twist Replacement Mechanism

real time breathing analytics.png

Real-time Breathing Analytics

live breathing display.png

Live Breathing Display

breathing exercises.png

Breathing Exercises


Bluetooth Connectivity

air pollution tracking.png

Pollution Tracking

Get to know your mask.


Hours Remaining

Observe the performance of the filter you use for protection.


Know when to change filters or wash mask to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.

Air Quality

Monitor Pollution and Pollen to see the affect on filter performance.

How does it work?


Buy your Spyras facemask attachment from our store and wait patiently till we get it to you!

Spyras Kit Contents


Rip open the packaging and take

smart module out along with the sensing cartridge, clip ring and assembly jig.


Before opening your facemask or touching your own, clean your hands with soap and water or alcohol hand rub (70% alcohol minimum).

Sensor held by attachment block


Sensor Attachment to Mask(1).gif


Take the ring clip and place this inside the mask. You will now apply force on the outside of the mask to clip the sensor cartridge to the facemask.

This fit is snug (we wouldn't want things falling off now would we?) and you will feel the sensor attach to the facemask.

Then comes the best attachment test method. Give it a wiggle. If the sensor falls off, retry again until you get a solid connection. We have found that less than 1.5mm thickness will work with a Spyras attachment.

Place the sensor cartridge with the paper spirals opening on your mask outer surface.


We recommend finding a flat section of the mask and a position that is not directly in front of the mouth. You can always change it later.


Take your smart module and enjoy our twist locking feature. Ensure the module is fully twisted into position to ensure the electronic pins are aligned and we get a solid connection to read the sensor data.


Now download the app and away you go!