Smart Attachment Kit

Smart Attachment Kit


Really like your current mask but just wish it had our sensors? Here's your chance to build your own smart mask!


Using our sensors, you can clip our smart atatchement to any mask that you like, whether it be a resuable mask or single use, here is your chance to breathing like never before. Simply, take the sensor cartridge from the pack and ensure the copper pins face outwards (away from the mask). Take the snap attachement and from the inside of the mask, snap the two peices together and that's it!


When it is time to clean or replace your mask, take the sensor cartidge off and dispose accrodingly. Take a new sensor from your pack and away you go!


What's included?

1 Smart Module

3 Sensor Cartridges

1 USB cable


Please note that the first launch of the smart attachement will only be for iOS users. Our android app will soon be made available.