Breathing Analysis.



Innovative technology solutions and data analytics for respiratory analysis.

"Worth more than the paper it's written on."

Science Translational Medicine

The Hardware.

Spyras's technology allows for deeper insights into respiratory function analysis than previously able through game-changing innovation. Using a range of technologies, such as paper-based sensors, the pattern of breathing can be extracted, offering affordable, recyclable and robust sensing technologies for any application.


Platform technology like no other.


Patient-centered wearable for detecting and predicting life-threatening events before they happen


Analyse more about personal fitness regimes than ever before through specialised lung analytics


Leading the importance of controlling and maintaining correct breathing patterns

Award winning support.

Unrivaled expertise.

At Spyras, we are always interested and open to hearing about other ideas from start-ups to established businesses that can see our technology and expertise being used to help their ideas and products grow.



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