Monitor your breathing in real-time and receive actionable insights into your respiratory health.


Clip. connect. Breathe.

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Attach to your mask.

Open the app.

See every breath.



Hours Remaining


Observe the performance of the filter you use for protection.

Receive notifications on the use and performance of your filter so you know when to replace it to keep protected.

Know when to change filters or wash mask to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.

Air Quality

Take into account Pollution and Pollen from the local air quality and how it may effect your filter performance



A paper sensor sits in the mask to monitor your breathing by water content of breath.

Electronics sends breathing data over Bluetooth to your phone.

Spyras provides filters with a built in sensor cartridge


you can fit the smart attachment to your own mask.

breathtaking insights.


Every breath in one simple and easy to understand dashboard.

Actionable insights to improve your respiratory health.

See the quality of the air you breathe.

Make a change.

Breathing Innovation.
At the forefront of respiratory technologies, Spyras sensors and analytics extract breathing patterns, volumes and gases on breath. Offering affordable, disposable and highly accurate solutions to consumer, sports and medical needs.
If you are interested in partnering or want to hear more about how Spyras analytics and software can power your respiratory device or product, then please get in touch.